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“Beauty of imperfection”: a manual to learn to love oneself



Cristina Sartorio, Surgeon specialized in esthetic surgery in Torino, tells us about how her e-book “Beauty of imperfection” sold on Amazon, is a manual for women who want to promote their wellbeing through simple steps repeated both in everyday life and in difficult times.

Cristina Sartorio, Surgeon specialized in esthetic surgery in Torino

The Doctor completed a job she cared about so much last december: the writing of her book “Beauty of imperfection” that became a bestseller in a short time. This manual enabled her to manifest an intimate part of her own path. Cristina Sartorio wanted to emphasise how imperfection can sometimes characterize a person and that it shouldn’t be cancelled by surgical interventions, because a patient must be accompanied on a journey. A wrinkle or an imperfection removal should be choices that follow a first main path of self acceptance. 

The book wants to be a manual, with few chapters that can be read in any order because they all have a beginning and an ending. Each of them give tools to ease life and to live in harmony with our surroundings.

The book’s aim and consciousness are to be a help manual, under a human aspect but also in lighter fields such as skin care, by giving information about feeding, but also a series of essential strategies to live in harmony with the world, especially during this historical moment. 

The Doctor has also fought her own battle with cancer. This journey had a bearing for the outcome of her book “Beauty of imperfection”, because it has been a deep meditation path. The Doctor decided to donate her personal experience to do prevention and disclosure, through a book addressed to women of all ages.

The first pages were written in a plastic surgery department, for a mastectomy due to breast cancer. In that difficult and complicated moment, the Doctor decided to put black on white her own evolutionary course to help people with less opportunities to elaborate medical but also spiritual data.

As a woman and a doctor, it is fundamental to convey and to teach how to be positive while looking for a solution, without losing the will to smile. This approach could indeed become the best ally for the healing process. 

Self acceptance and love begin with small gestures that must be consistently repeated. The message contained within the book consists of small steps to follow that help to have a more scheduled day, with a state of increasing health and wellbeing.

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