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Carlucci, correcting the tuberous breast



«Recovering a standard aesthetic condition of the breast, especially when the patient has never had it, always very satisfying for them and also gratifying for the surgeon»

Salvatore Carlucci, plastic surgeon expert in correcting the tuberous breast

The tuberous breast is an anatomical condition that causes a distinct and often aesthetically unpleasing appearance of the breast. This malformation is characterised by a high inframammary fold and a lack of fullness in the lower pole of the breast. The areolas may be large and protruding, and asymmetry between the two breasts is also common.

Salvatore Carlucci, a plastic surgeon operating as a private practitioner in Turin and specialised in tuberous breast correction, explains what this condition is and how it can be corrected to restore confidence in affected women.

What is the tuberous breast?

Salvatore Carlucci, plastic surgeon expert in correcting the tuberous breast

According to Dr. Carlucci, the tuberous breast is a genuine malformation that can manifest in different ways. «The tuberous breast has a high inframammary fold, meaning the crease that separates the lower part of the breast from the chest is positioned much higher than it ideally should be. This also affects the breast’s implant base» explains Dr. Carlucci.

«The lower part of the breast, which should be fuller and rounder, lacks fullness due to a deficiency of glands and fat» he continues, emphasising that this can also lead to asymmetry between the two breasts. «Tuberous breasts are often different in shape and size on each side.»

The areolas are also affected by the tuberous breast condition. «The areolas have a distinct texture, are lax, and cause the underlying gland to protrude, resulting in prominent areolas» he adds, contributing to the overall asymmetry of the breasts.

How common is it?

Despite its complex nature, the tuberous breast is not as rare as one might think. «Statistics indicate that the tuberous breast affects approximately 5% of the female population» Carlucci explains. So, one out of twenty women suffers from this condition. However, it is not well-known, and many women are unaware of being affected by it.

«Sometimes patients with tuberous breasts are not even aware of it because the manifestation may not be very visible» the doctor continues. «During consultations, we often see patients who believe they simply have small breasts when, in fact, they have this condition».

The doctor emphasises that tuberous breasts always cause psychological discomfort in patients due to their unattractive appearance. «This discomfort affects their relationships, their love life, and even simple aspects such as choosing clothing, especially during the summer» he specifies.

How is the condition treated?

«The treatment of the tuberous breast is complex. First, it is essential to recognize it. We must understand that we cannot simply address it with breast augmentation but must correct a malformation» explains Carlucci. «A simple breast augmentation in cases with tuberous characteristics often leads to unsatisfactory results and, in more severe cases, disastrous outcomes».

The solution is, therefore, not a straightforward breast augmentation but a more comprehensive reconstructive procedure. «In addition to increasing volume with the insertion of a prosthesis, we must mainly correct the glandular condition, its distribution, and shape» he clarifies. The most common incision used is the periareolar incision, which also allows for the correction of asymmetries and the size of the areolas.

The correction of the tuberous breast is a complex yet highly satisfying procedure for both patients and surgeons. This breast malformation can cause significant psychological distress, but thanks to the expertise and experience of plastic surgeons, significant aesthetic and psychological results can be achieved. Targeted and personalised treatment allows women with tuberous breasts to regain a positive self-image, enhancing their quality of life and self-confidence.

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