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Bruno, scars and recovery time after abdominoplasty



«The modern notion of abdominoplasty is that of a total body reshaping»

Agostino Bruno, M.D. , plastic surgery SPECIALIST, and abdominoplasty expert

Abdominoplasty is a surgery specific for the abdomen. There are various techniques, such as standard and miniabdominoplasty, each useful depending on the starting conditions of the patient. Agostino Bruno, M.D. specialist in plastic surgery, has been dealing in body reshaping for years, and explains what is abdominoplasty, the recovery time of the surgery and the scars that remain after the operation.

Abdominoplasty and recovery time

Agostino Bruno, M.D. specialist in plastic surgery and abdominoplasty expert

«Abdominoplasty is one of the most frequent plastic surgeries performed, estimated as the fifth most common operation» Agostino Bruno begins. The abdomen is one of the most aesthetic parts of the human body, and also one of the most useful, as its muscles are almost always engaged when sitting, walking, and doing physical activities. People understandably ask for an abdominoplasty both for aesthetic and functional reasons. «Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand».

Even if it is a major surgery, abdominoplasty’s recovery time is not that long, and does not immobilise the patient. «There is a period of convalescence, but the patient must not remain bedridden. We always encourage early mobilisation» Bruno says. Pain too is not unbearable, but some discomfort is to be expected. «Accordingly, pain therapy will be handed to patients to ensure a smooth recovery».

Recovery time may be extended if the patient lacks assistance from relatives, though, especially if the initial resting time is not abode by. «Often, patients are young women who recently gave birth and developed a diastasis recti. In these cases it is important to have the right support at home» the surgeon explains.

Abdominoplasty and miniabdominoplasty, different types of scars

«The difference between abdominoplasty and miniabdominoplasty is mainly dictated by the amount of excess skin to be removed» Bruno continues. «With miniabdominoplasty, there isn’t a lot of excess skin and as such it can be removed with a small incision. This method also avoids the periumbilical scar».

«In case the cutaneous excess is large, or if the patient has a naturally low navel, then standard abdominoplasty is the best solution. It requires a longer incision, even if the scar will nonetheless be hidden by swimsuits or underwear, and it also leaves a periumbilical scar».

Either way, the reasoning behind the choice is not the seriousness of the functional damage to be repaired, but the loose skin. «The muscles can be reached in the same way and this is not dependent on the technique used» he confirms. Clearly miniadbominoplasty’s scar is smaller, but the amount of loose skin must always be kept in mind.

Abdominoplasty and other surgeries

Abdominoplasty is an operation that can usually be performed in tandem with other minor operations, such as breast reshaping. «Abdominoplasty can be done together with mastoplasty, whether it is breast enhancement or a mastopexy. This is colloquially called “mommy makeover” and it also comprehends full liposuction of back and abdomen» Bruno says.

These surgeries are done together because the human body has to be considered as a single aesthetic unit. «The modern notion of abdominoplasty is that of a total body reshaping» Bruno concludes. Nonetheless, abdominoplasty should not be performed together with major surgeries such as thigh lifting, in order to avoid over-lenghtening the recovery time.

Abdominoplasty and miniabdominoplasty are important operations both for restoring harmony and functionality to the body. And even if it is a major surgery, abdominoplasty’s recovery time and scars are perfectly manageable, especially when cared for correctly with post-operation garments and physiotherapy.

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