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The aim of creating a new Magazine was born with the aim of creating an information tool on plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

The mission of the new editorial product, published by Revée SRL, is oriented to the dissemination of scientific and cultural contents, which concern professional figures working in the field of surgery and medical pathologies. In particular, the magazine aims to:

  • foster scientific and professional reflection on clinical practices, evidence of efficacy, techniques and methods of evaluation and intervention;
  • provide testimonies of patients and associations to raise awareness on different issues.

The magazine is open to contributions from all professionals in the sector, with particular regard to plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons and representatives of reference associations for the purpose of publishing articles certifying the research in progress.

In the newsroom:

  • Debora Pasero – Editor in Chief
  • Clarissa Ciano – Editor
  • Erika Zaffalon – Social media manager

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