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Surgery: between digital and cooperation



In surgery, cooperation and contamination with other areas are fundamental, in order to provide the best of care. For Giovanni Papa, professor at the University of Trieste and director of the plastic surgery clinic in the provincial capital stands, synergies between different areas e digitization play an important role, because they shorten the gap with the patient and reduce hospitalisation.

Influences in surgery

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Giovanni Papa, professor at the University of Trieste and director of the plastic surgery clinic in the provincial capital

«In surgery we got used to cooperate with different specialists and with other practitioners – explains Papa – because, this way, we can provide our patients the best of professional». Surgery is then avant garde on the working method that includes cooperation between different disciplines, like robotics and engineering.

We have been cooperating for years with the institute of genetic engineering ICGEB – continues the professor – and with fat and endothelial cells we will probably be able to rebuild human skin in vitro, and then in vivo ». The progress of Medicine doesn’t end with the experimentation, but it also includes the use of new materials

There are, for example, new products like breast implants with special membranes, that increase the skin thickness, or sheaths and bras that can avoid post-op complications. «A correct preparation for a surgery is as important as prevention and rehabilitation – continues the surgeon- as a matter of fact a better result is usually obtained when bruises, infections and scars decrease». 

Every surgery creates scar tissue as a result of a multifactorial process. «During the first period after surgery, hypertrophic scars can be treated with con elasticizing creams, – specifies the professor – regenerating or with silicone».

Progress of surgery

«Telehealth can approach the patient to the doctor» explains Papa. «For example in Friuli Venezia Giulia this kind of medical care is used for home health care to the patients with skin lesions ».

Together with digital, 3D visualizers, new materials and experimental treatments, the relationship with the patient is changing by shortening the gap. Technology is becoming an important tool in the medical field, also thanks to experimentation, there are establishing innovative treatments and techniques.

«The combination of new materials and genetic and cellular therapy,for example, will lead us to regenerative medicine». This type of cure is divided into inductive and replacing. The first stimulates the body to recreate the damaged tissue, the second, recreates the organ and  reinserts it in the tissue.
But how do the patients face innovation in surgery? «The reaction at experimental treatments is trust– explains Papa – we studied to enhance the quality of life of our patients. High specialization and innovation allow surgery to be cutting-edge and to make cooperation with other disciplines an asset».

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