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Plastic surgery: how to regain psychophysical balance



«Plastic surgery isn’t sorcery».

Mauro Barone, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery Specialist in Messina, tells us about the journey of a patient: from anamnesi to surgery, that allows to regain psychophysical balance and go back to everyday life. This process, however, takes time because it is based on phases and midterm steps. As a matter of fact, it takes about one year to see results.

The age in plastica surgery  

Mauro Barone, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery Specialist in Messina

«A plastic surgeon isn’t a sculptor who carves marble» explains Barone. Actually plastic surgery is also defined as psychosurgery because the surgeon must understand if the patient’s defect   can be solved with a surgery or when a better path must be preferred. This is possible thanks to the psychological approach received during specializzati in years and to the empathy established with the patient.

It isn’t possibile to erase the sogna of time from the body, plastic surgery or aesthetic medicin can help to appear more rested or fresher but they cannot do miracles. «Age positivity, for example, allows one to look younger, in accordance with age» points out the surgeon.

Amy Age group has its life phase, there aren’t rigid limits to perform an aesthetic surgery, if not the health conditions of a patient. «If the surgery has a purelu aesthetic function, the sooner it’s done the earliest the patient can enjoy the results» explains Barone. 

Also awareness and responsibility of their own body play and essential role. «Patients can be operated on when they turn 18 to 21– explains the surgeon – when the body development ends. Moreover, the majority age allows surgery without appointing third parties for consent».

The post-operation

«The results after a surgery, for example mammoplasty, are visible after a year» specifies the surgeon. Scientific literature and statistics confirm this timing, that allows to complete the healing process.

«The organism must respond to the surgery and readapt to a new dimension» specifies Barone and for this reason, the post-op garments are essential. «The day after mammoplasty surgery I make patients wear a sports bra with front fastening and a band» continues Barone. 

«It is necessary to wear those garments for a month after surgery – explains the surgeon – because it is the time required for the capsule to form». It is the organism reaction towards a prosthetic device and it represents the way in which the body reacts to the insertion of a prosthesis.
«These items are important because they keep all parts still and contribute to the formation of the prosthetic capsule, – concludes the surgeon – in order to produce a predictable and safe result».

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