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Culture has no gender



People before gender.
Professor Paolo Valerio, ONIG President (Gender Identity National Observatory), thinks that information about gender identity is a tool to promote inclusive culture where difference is a resource that must be enhanced and not an obstacle. It is necessary to change a culture based on patriarcal, sessist, genderist and heteronormative ideology, referred on gender stereotypes.

Professor Paolo Valerio, ONIG President (Gender Identity National Observatory)

Paolo Valerio was born in 1948, and is Honorary Clinical Psychology Professor for Federico II University of Napoli, Honorary President of the University Language Center Ateneo Sinapsi and Presidente of the Gender Identity and Culture Foundation. He has also recently been nominated President of the United Disabilities Committee.

The psychotherapist tells through his experience, about how it is important to open our minds to create a more inclusive society, where everybody has the same opportunities and the same rights.
The statute outlined by ONIG, through an affirmative approach, is based on two main principles: not gender binarism and depathologization. A transgender person isn’t sick but he or she is a person who has the right to be recognized by his or her perceived gender, the one that identifies him or her, regardless of the birth assigned one. He or she has the right to be given an intervention in a positive way, culturally informed and sensible to his or her needs by considering: minority stress, autonomy and resilience. It is furthermore important to support the social and cultural barriers reduction that can interfere with psychophicical, sexual and social wellness of the  transgender people.

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