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AICPE: information vs fake news



Counteracting fake news is impossible, but you can make correct information thanks to experience.

Claudio Bernardi, plastic surgeon and president of AICPE, Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, explains the importance of providing correct information on cosmetic plastic surgery, giving guidelines on how to maintain a high quality standard of performance, without forgetting the importance of the code of ethics.

Claudio Bernardi, plastic surgeon and president of AICPE, Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

AICPE is a scientific company founded in 2011 to fill the gap of a cosmetic surgery company that was already there in other countries. The need arose from the fact that cosmetic plastic surgery, despite being a branch of plastic surgery, is a further specialization that deals specifically with everything that is the field of cosmetic surgery. There is a need for continuous updating, because in the last 30-40 years it has been a constantly evolving branch. This is precisely the reason why the association was founded.

Those who leave a graduate school, however trained, may have a general view of the appearance of reconstructive plastic surgery, but less specific than that of cosmetic surgery. Creating an environment that welcomes surgeons who want to dedicate themselves to this particular aspect of plastic surgery was one of the reasons that led surgeons to found the AICPE.

Maintaining high standards of performance quality is also possible through constant updating, cultural exchange, experiences, congresses and courses. Webinars, for example, are a great way to keep fit even intellectually.

Countering fake news was already difficult with a printed newspaper, because it was impossible to immediately reply to an article that, perhaps, could highlight unclear aspects of surgery. An example is the lifting of the lunch break, that is operations that are trivialized despite being real surgical interventions.

Nowadays with thousands of active followers and numerous influencers it becomes even more complex to contain the phenomenon of fake news. You cannot rectify any incorrect news. In this context, it is necessary to behave correctly also in the digital sphere, as prescribed in the AICPE code. In fact, to become a member of this association, you must not only possess professional requirements, but you must marry the code of ethics.

The AICPE cares about proper disclosure and works to spread fair and reliable information. You have to talk about the risks associated with surgery, and also talk about the goals that you can achieve without completely changing a person’s face.

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