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Liposculpture: confidence takes shape



Liposculpture is a path of awareness. Stefano Santoro, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist for Biomedic Polyclinic Campus in Rome and private surgeon in Naples, redesigns the body of his patients by choosing innovative techniques and new technologies for body reshaping.

The surgeon tells us that technology is a big support for any surgery, and in aesthetic surgery and body reshaping we can rely on three important innovations: ultrasound technology, PAL and plasma. 

These techniques have been revolutionary in liposculpture because they optimize the surgery results. As a matter of fact, many women approach a surgeon after previous body fat reducing cosmetic procedures that have sclerotized it making it hard to be aspirated. Ultrasounds break up the fat cells for ease removal. This technique can also be used mechanically with PAL (Power-Assisted Liposuction) that breaks up fibrosis with vibrations so that the surgeon does not strain his wrist and forearm joints.

At last, plasma technology allows collagen fibers’ contraction in order to fit skin in the new shape while reducing the forming of exceeding panniculus.

Technology and aesthetic medicine can combine into carboxytherapy, another technique that breaks up fibrosis to revascularize the area and rehydrate fat to prepare the patient for surgery. This technique is actually suited for both pre- and post-op.

Any chosen method to reshape a body, it is suggested to follow a food education. The silhouette reshaping is visible even when a patient doesn’t lose weight and it helps him to become confident. It is also suggested to maintain a healthy food regime through the post-op.
After surgery, it is also recommended to use products that reduce bruises and seromas, by following a protocol that doesn’t compromise the surgery results. The surgeon prescribes antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent infections, while compressive garments must be worn for forty days around the clock to avoid bruises.

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