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Are you wearing the correct postoperative bra after your surgery?



Revée postoperative bra is the result of years of constant medical innovation thanks to the combination of our experience and the feedback of plastic surgeons and thousands of patients. Every single component needed to create a postoperative bra has its own specific function. Do you have any clue about why wide straps, the front closure or the double-elastic-fabric neckline are important? 

Read our 7 tips based on our many years of experience manufacturing compression garments, as well as on the constant feedback of doctors and patients.


The first thing you should know is that a postoperative compression bra cannot be compared in any way with simple underwear. It is a post-operative bandage that allows to stabilise the prostheses and that meets certain compression criteria. Some patients wear sports bras after their surgery. Yet, this is by no means an adequate solution as these types of bras have not been designed to stabilise prostheses in the first days after surgery or throughout the postoperative recovery, in general. Only with the right compression can you be sure of achieving a perfect result by wearing your compression bra for at least 12 weeks.


Don’t forget that, after the surgery, your breast will have to deal with an additional weight of 600-900 g or even more. It is therefore necessary to consider details such as shoulder straps, which will need to be wide at the initial postoperative stage. This way, you will avoid excessive rubbing and red marks (sores) on the shoulders caused by the weight of the new breasts and by the constant use of the bra.


Are you wondering if it is okay to wear a post-op bra with a low-cut neckline? Our advice is to wait for the end of the postoperative recovery before wearing a bra with a low-cut neckline. Postoperative compression bras are used to stabilise the entire surface of the prostheses correctly , and any neckline could deform, press and irritate the recently-operated area.


It is important to take into account that, in the first few days after the breast operation, your mobility will be limited , and the doctor will advise you not to lift your arms or make sudden movements. Postoperative bras should always have the closure in the front of the chest, so that you can comfortably open and close the bra yourself, also to apply local dressings. For several weeks, the bra will be your best friend, both day and night.Doctors recommend sleeping only lying on your back . This is why the closure on the back would be uncomfortable, while a front closure will always be convenient.


Remember also that your postoperative bra will be in continuous contact with the operated part of your body, and therefore also with your scars or skin that has undergone a radiotherapy procedure in case of a reconstructive surgery. So choose the materials carefully. Apart from assessing the comfort, also make sure that the bra is manufactured by certified companies.

breast binder


Post-mammoplasty brasneed to smoothly adapt to the new breast in order to be able to stabilise the implants. Make sure that the fabric is double-elastic. This would allow the cups to fit perfectly in case of asymmetry of the breasts, something that would not be possible with preformed bra cups.


Most certainly! Some bras are not only designed for a postoperative containment function; they are also beautiful 😊 and are a great match for your sportswear, as well as for your new breasts! Once the compression period is over, use it also for your sports activities (e.g. gym, jogging, yoga, pilates, etc.).


When it comes to postoperative care, there are two main important elements to pay particular attention to: correct breast stabilisation and your compression bra being comfortable to wear. As we said before, the bra must be worn constantly throughout the postoperative care period, for at least 12 weeks. This is why we recommend having at least two bras , both for proper hygiene and continuous compression. Two of our favourite postoperative bras are the Elodie Bra seamless bra and the Laetitia Bra, both of which have been widely used by many patients.

Revée customer care

If you are unsure or do not know how to choose the model or size of your bra, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. We will be more than glad to help you both over the phone, via WhatsApp or on our social networks.

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