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“Breast implants in safety”: the books about the details of surgery



Doctor Stefano Marianelli, Plastic and Esthetic Specialized Surgeon in Florence and Head of the Plastic Surgery Unit of the Leonardo Da Vinci Clinic, tells us about what brought him to write, in cooperation with other professionals in the field, the book “Breast implants in safety”.

Breast implants
Doctor Stefano Marianelli, Plastic and Esthetic Specialized Surgeon in Florence and Head of the Plastic Surgery Unit of the Leonardo Da Vinci Clinic

At a certain point of his professional life he wondered what he felt the need to put on paper all his years of experience. The doctor realized that there was a lack of a useful emergency procedure manual especially for difficult situations. The surgeon can sometimes be alone when he has to make important decisions. This is how the book “Breast implants in safety” was born, aimed at both novice and experienced surgeons.

The surgeon wanted to give a contribution for young people to find the best techniques in order to avoid complications.  For example, a prosthetic dislocation may occur, that is when the prosthesis is lateralized or goes upwards, as the author of “Breast Surgery in Safety” explains, and these complications are also visible to the naked eye. However, the surgeon points out that this problem is aesthetic and doesn’t concern health, and can be avoided with certain techniques. 

Surgery needs technical details to avoid problems, because the esthetic and plastic surgery patient is healthy and must remain healthy. This is one of the fundamental tests, and it is necessary to adopt the most innovative and safe techniques to get the patient out of the operating room with a good aesthetic result and without problems.

To write the book Marianelli involved both national and international colleagues who developed a specific topic that helped to create this text, which had national and international success. The book, in addition to dealing with the subject of mastoplasty, also refers to how to treat the patient. For example, how he should be placed on the operating table in order to reduce posture complications. The period after the operation is also one of the topics of the manual, which can be interpreted as a disclosure text on how the surgeon should behave in the post-operative, in order to obtain a good result.

Many of the details that are covered in this text are the result of his own but also his colleagues’ experience. Plastic surgery includes many different surgeries, with the development of different types of specialization. The collaboration to write this text was born from Doctor Marianelli’s friendship with a variety of high-level surgeons, with very different specializations.

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